Vintage Stateside design meets hi-tech audio in TEAC's SL-D930

Press Release dated: 3 Feb 2014

Like your music accompanied with a huge dollop of unrestrained visual nostalgia? If so TEAC's new 2.1-channel Bluetooth speaker with CD/Radio is sure to impress.
Key Features

* Wireless connection from Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops via Bluetooth®
* 2.1ch Speaker System with Individual Speaker Chambers
* 65mm Stereo Speakers and downfiring 80mm Subwoofer
* Top-loading CD Player compatible with CD/CD-R/RW, and MP3/WMA formats
* AM/FM Tuner with 20AM/20FM Preset Stations (RDS for UK/EUR models)
* Convenient On/Off Timer with Snooze, Digital Clock with 2-step dimmer, and Sleep Timer
* High Performance and Power Efficient Class-D Amplifier
* Front-located Headphone jack and AUX In jack

Available in four eye-catching colours (Red, Black, White and Silver) the new remote-controlled SL-D930 combines ultra-modern audio technology with a fun exterior design that's unapologetically inspired by chrome-bedecked classic 1950s American cars. We challenge you not to smile when you see it!
Those smiles get even broader when it's switched on. The key to its expansive, enjoyable sound are a pair of front-firing, full-range 65mm drive units plus, and - here's the clever bit - a downfiring 80mm subwoofer housed in a 1.6 litreABS plastic bass-reflex enclosure. The sum result is a rich generous sound quality that'll encourage you to turn the volume up.
Powering the whole show is a high-efficiency Class-D type amplifier, capable of generating a total of 20w output (5w each to the left/right speakers, 10w to the fully adjustable subwoofer), more than enough for a device of this size.
When it comes to what you listen to there are plenty of choices. For starters, there's an AM/FM RDS tuner provided (analogue, of course) with a total of 40 presets. Got a stash of CDs lying around? Press the top of the system and a lid pops open to reveal a quality CD player that's compatible with CD-R/RW discs and MP3/WMA files.
The headline feature, however, is the Bluetooth connectivity. With just a few pushes on the (colour-coordinated) remote control you can pair your smartphone/tablet/laptop and stream all of your tunes straight to the SL-D930.
The final finishing touch is an On/Off Timer with Snooze and Sleep Timer, making this undoubtedly one of the most distinctive bedside clock radios you're ever likely to wake up to!


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