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CD Player and Cassette Deck Combination

The CD drive mechanism of AD-800 plays CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 format discs. It features several programming functions and includes a timer. Dub contents from a CD, built in USB port or other external source connected to the line-in inputs onto tape using the auto-reverse cassette deck. The recording level is adjustable and the recording itself can be made either manually or via the built-in timer function. Cassette playback can be adjusted to taste using the pitch control. Dolby B® noise reduction technology reduces tape hiss. The USB port is bi-directional meaning it can be used for both recording and playback. Dub signals from analog sources connected to the line-in inputs onto a memory stick in MP-3 digital quality or connect a flash ROM MP3 player directly to the USB port for playback. Direct dubbing from both the built-in CD-Player and cassette deck to the USB port is possible. Monitor the recording or playback progress visually on the LC-Display or the sound quality by connecting headphones. The AD-800 has an IR remote control unit included as a standard accessory.

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