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Coaxial 2-way Speaker System

Bringing the outstanding sound image you cannot imagine. Coaxial 2-way Bookshelf Speakers, a tradition of TEAC.

Our S-300NEO original coaxial 2-way speaker has been celebrated for its ability of delivering a remarkable sense of sound-positioning and great expressiveness in the mid-range. The S-300HR is the next level speaker designed for providing ideal near-field listening environment for Hi-Res Audio playback in the home.

On the coaxial 2-way unit which is a heart of the speaker, the tweeter unit employs a new titanium dome tweeter to reproduce higher frequency up to 50kHz, while re-designed cabinet dimension provides optimal balance of high and low frequencies, in consideration of this extended frequency range. And it retains the excellent stereo location and mid-range expressiveness characteristic of the S-300NEO while realizing an even wider frequency range of 50Hz - 50kHz. The S-300HR provides a new dimension of expressiveness and high-performance, enabling the transmission of Hi-Res Audio sources without losing their fine nuances and details.

Main functions

  • New Coaxial 2-way Units supports 50 to 50,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • New Titanium Dome Tweeter and Paper Cone Woofer on Air Dump Center Pole System
  • Glossy Veneer Finish in Cherry or Piano Black
  • Screw-type Speaker Terminals compatible with Bi-Wiring (gold-plated)
  • Magnetic-attach Detachable Speaker Grilles
  • 3-point Spike Feet and Metal Foot-bases

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