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Futuristic Radio with Docking Station for iPhone® or iPod®

The DAB Design Radio for your iPhone®

The stylish MW/FM radio offers 20 station presets, and impressing sound experience thanks to powerful stereo speakers and the unrivaled MaxxAudio® technology (studio quality sound processors by Waves®). iPod® and iPhone® (are not scope of supply) are clamped securely to the top panel. Because of the digital signal processing "Full Digital Path" any of the Apple® audio data will be processed by the TEAC SR-80i free of losses and played rich and tuneful. At the same time connected Apple® devices will be charged. A docked iPhone® has not to be set to flying mode anymore, because the SR-80i pauses playing music immediately when a phone call takes place. Via USB or the AUX input further audio sources can be connected, while Apple® video data can be played easily with a connected TV set. A remote control is used to manage the radio and any basic functions of the iPod® as well. SR-80i is available with red or silver color front panel design. (iPhone® not included)

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