TEAC unveils HR Streamer App (for Android) to help simplify network audio playback

Pressemitteilung vom: 14.08.2018

TEAC is proud to announce the launch of the HR Streamer App, an easy to use network control app for Android tablets/smartphones that enables users to manage network audio playback on their compatible(1) devices via a rich visual interface, based around tiled cover art imagery.

The OpenHome-compatible app allows users to visually browse their music libraries and rapidly locate their favourite music via a powerful search and filter facility (search by keyword, song name, album title, composer, genre or year of recording).

To make the user experience as straightforward and satisfying as possible a simple (but fully customisable) three-panel layout is employed for local content, with commonly used playback functions grouped together in one, while Playlists and Music Selection appear in the other two.  

And there’s also good news for users who happen to subscribe to high-resolution music services such as Tidal and Qobuz. When using the HR Streamer the content from those services is presented in the same style of interface that’s used for locally stored music, bringing a welcome degree of familiarity to the whole network audio listening experience.

(1) Compatible TEAC network audio-equipped devices at launch comprise the NR-7CD and NT-505.


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