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Stereo Power Amplifier

An ultra-compact stereo power amplifier, powered by Hypex Ncore technology, designed to enable Bi-amping, or use in BTL (Bridge Tied Load/Bridged) mode

The AP-505 is a versatile stereo power amplifier based around a high-performance, TEAC-tuned, Hypex Ncore power amplifier module, housed within a compact and elegant case.

Capable of operating in bi-amp and BTL (Bridge Tied Load/Bridged) modes, in addition to conventional stereo operation, the AP-505 produces a maximum 115W + 115W of output power in stereo/bi-amp modes and 220W in BTL/bridged mode. At its heart is an Ncore power amplifier module, made by Hypex of the Netherlands and specially tuned by TEAC’s R&D team, for superlative sound quality

As for the exterior, lightweight aluminum-alloy panels cover a robust steel chassis. A pair of large level meters add visual interest when the amplifier is in action, while TEAC's patent-pending ‘Pin- point’ feet, located at three strategic positions on the underside, add incision to the sound, helping to create a more detailed and stable stereo image.

Features at-a-glance

  • Hypex Ncore power amplifier module, tuned by TEAC
  • 115W + 115W of max output power, or 220W in BTL mode
  • 3 switchable output modes: Stereo, Bi-Amp and BTL (Bridge Tied Load/Bridged)
  • Fully balanced circuit design, from input to output
  • Power supply features large toroidal power transformer and Schottky barrier diodes
  • Comprehensive protection circuitry (Current surge, Over-voltage, Over-heating)
  • Patent-pending ‘Pin-point’ feet for easy installation (Japan Patent No.4075477, No.3778108)
  • Large level meters
  • XLR Balanced and RCA Unbalanced analog audio inputs

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