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Two-channel waveform editing software

This two-channel waveform editing software is capable of converting and editing high-resolution DSD and PCM files with support for up to 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz PCM formats.

Editing high-resolution DSD (DSF/DSDIFF) and PCM (WAV) files with up to 2 channels (mono/stereo) is possible. DSD formats of 2.8–11.2 MHz and PCM formats of 44.1–384 kHz and 16/24/32-bit are supported. As for the DSD files, import and editing of the file are possible as DSD formats. In addition to converting between DSD and PCM formats and different sampling frequencies, basic editing functions such as trimming and joining files. These editing functions are all available on the Home Screen, and the simple, easy-to-understand operation screen enables intuitive use.

Main Features

  • Editing high-resolution DSD/PCM files possible
    >DSD formats of 2.8M/5.6M/11.2 MHz supported
    >PCM formats up to 384 kHz/32-bit supported
    >2-channel audio sources supported (mono/stereo)
    >Import and editing are possible as DSD formats
  • Windows/Mac OS supported (Mac version: 11.2MHz DSD/DSF is not played back natively, but converted during playback to another supported sampling frequency)
  • Conversion of audio file formats and sampling frequencies, for example, possible
    >Between PCM and DSD formats (both ways)
    >Sampling frequency and recording quantization bit depths as desired
  • Combine function allows two files to be joined
  • With waveform display possible, intervals set with in/out points can be changed and saved
    >Short fades can be added to in/out points when saving intervals (function can be set on/off)
    >The desired file format and sampling frequency, for example, can be used when saving
  • Editing with just a computer possible
  • Free download from the TEAC website

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