Technische Daten


Key Features

  • High-precision HD Equalizer (16,384 discrete bands, Linear-phase FIR Filter)
  • 64-bit HD Equalizing mode (*5, 6)
  • Auto Up-sampling
  • Cross-fade Playback (*6)
  • Display Album Artwork and Lyrics
  • Repeat Play (within the current Playlist)
  • Resume Play
  • Shuffle Play (within the current Playlist)
  • Easy to add songs to a Playlist and the “Up Next” waiting list
  • Combining songs in the HD Library and the iPod Library into single Playlist
  • Real-time DSD Conversion (*7)
  • Wireless Hi-Res Audio Data Transmission via AirDrop (*8)

Supported Formats (Connection with TEAC DACs, or Paid version with non-TEAC DACs)
Following audio formats in a computer can be added to the HD Library in iOS devices via iTunes, except DRM and MP3. (*9)

  • DSF/DIFF: 2.8M/3.0M/5.6M/6.0M/11.2MHz, DoP or PCM-conversion output (*10)
  • FLAC/ALAC/WAV/AIFF: up to 384kHz
  • Ogg Vorbis: up to 192kHz

*1 Requires iPhone 4s or late, iPod touch 5th generation of later, iPad 2, iPad mini or later, and iOS 6 or later. *2 Compatible with HA-P90SD, HA-P5, HA-P50SE, HA-P50 (as of March 2016) *3 In-App payment is accessible in the App.*4 iOS 7 or later is required. If you use the App with an iOS device alone, Hi-Res Audio data 88.2kHz or higher will be converted to 44.1kHz, and delivers analog audio signal from Earphone jack on the iOS device. *5 High-speed processing is required during the HD equalizing mode. Interrupts may occur on iPhone 4 or older device.  *6 Equalizing and Cross-fade settings are disabled when DoP output mode is selected. *7 Supported on Paid version. A 64-bit CPU-based iOS device such as iPhone 5s or later is required.*8 This feature is restricted for some models. Please check our website for more information. *9 MP3 is accessible via standard iPod Library in iOS devices. *10 DSD 11.2MHz playback is supported on iPhone 5s or later.

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