TEAC Audio gets started with new website and a brand new product category

Press Release dated: 10 Oct 2012

Things may have seemed a bit quiet with TEAC Audio for a while but appearances can be deceptive. Behind the scenes the company has been working hard on a lot of fronts. And now, finally, we can start talking about them publicly:
In addition to the introduction of a completely new product category, TEAC is also launching a brand new website for those who love its innovative and high-quality audio systems.
In focus: Customer Service
Visitors to will immediately notice one thing in particular: Customer service is a very high-priority for TEAC Audio. There's comprehensive information including addresses for support requests and service points, as well as downloads for manuals and videos plus tips on which individual TEAC systems are receiving the most interest on the homepage. And of course, there's all the information that customers need on currently available systems from TEAC Audio, be they full-size Hi-Fi separates, All-in-One Systems, Mini Audio Systems, Speakers or Accessories.
To provide customers with the broadest range of communication and information channels, TEAC Audio has started its own online presence at all popular social media platforms: Whether via Facebook ( ), Twitter ( ) or YouTube ( ) - reaching TEAC Audio’s customer support, exchanging ideas, receiving news or finding product information has never been easier.
On trend: AirPlay and Network products
Music from all over the world is now available to technology-savvy music lovers, thanks to online streaming. Whether it's listening to internet radio stations from Thailand or enjoying one's own music library stored on a PC or MAC, devices such as the NS-X1 Network Player or the CR-H700 CD Receiver (also available with a DAB tuner as the CR-H700DAB) guarantee both convenience and wireless network connectivity via integrated AirPlay. Internet radio services like vTuner also give access to a limitless range of music from every corner of the globe. Whether it's Hip-Hop from London, Jazz from New Orleans, Samba from Rio or Operas from Italy, music has never been easier to access. In addition, via the CR-H700, music libraries on iPhone, iPod or iPad can now be replayed with astonishing fidelity,  with the same impeccable sound quality as traditional CD.
Brand new: A/V Receivers from TEAC
TEAC fans will be delighted by the introduction of a completely new product category: The AG-D200 and the AG-D500 A/V receivers will be launched in November. And - as one might expect – they certainly aren't the shy, retiring types! The 7.1 Channel AG-D200 receiver, for instance, turns movies, games and music into a stunning experience. This affordable all-rounder supports all major HD formats such as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ and uses Audyssey 2EQ®, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ® for room-filling, well-balanced sound. Four HDMI inputs, a USB port for iPod / iPhone and a wide selection of digital and analogue A/V connections make the AG-D200 a powerful entertainment package for every occasion.
The AG-D500 goes even further thanks to the inclusion of a networking capability: Streaming internet radio services like vTuner or cloud-based music services such as Spotify, AUPEO! and Simfy, mean a whole new world of music can easily be accessed. If nothing else, an owner's home digital music library can now be experienced with superb sound quality - the AG-D500 supports the full range of audio files including MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Apple Lossless and LPCM. And, given the incredible rise in the popularity of Smartphones is it any wonder that one of the eight HDMI inputs has been designed to connect compatible smartphones via MHL? So now, even "mobile" 1080p pictures and videos can be viewed with 7.2 surround sound, and in the best HD quality, on an AG-D500 owner's TV screen.
Perfectly matched: The H-01 Reference Series
With the advent of today's digital music libraries, the traditional physical CD is rapidly becoming 'yesterday's' technology. TEAC reflects this trend via its Reference Series H-01: Equipped with streaming technologies and high-quality converters, this compact component system combines an excellent analogue listening experience while exploiting all the possibilities of modern computer technology, all wrapped up in with a timeless aesthetic elegance. Each of the three components is a small sonic miracle in their own right but together they provide a musical experience of concert quality. These high-tech devices are just 21.5 cm wide and 6.1 cm high, and comprise the A-H01 Stereo Integrated Amplifier with asynchronous USB Audio input for PC/MAC, the UD-H01 Digital / Analog Converter (192 kHz/32-bit) and the DS-H01 Digital Docking Station for iPhone / iPod and iPad. With the standard of sound quality beyond doubt, the only question that remains to be answered is what colour works best - audiophiles can choose between silver and black.


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