TEAC introduces Micro Hi-Fi system with Hi-Res Audio capability

Press Release dated: 12 Apr 2016

A globally known hi-fi brand that’s been associated with classy, compact systems for decades, TEAC is now re-inventing the micro system for the hi-res streaming age with the launch of its multi-talented Reference 101 component system.

Available as a separate receiver or as part of a complete receiver/speaker system, the CR-H101 CD Receiver (the DAB-equipped version is called the CR-H101DAB) measures just 182mm x 93mm x 221mm and so will fit into absolutely any domestic environment.

• Sources include hi-res Streaming (up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution), CD Playback, DAB/FM, and Bluetooth aptX connectivity for wireless streaming from mobile devices/computers
• Supports up to 192kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Audio Streaming from PC/Mac via USB Cable
• Slot-loading CD Player supports MP3 and WMA files
• 2x Up-conversion of up to 192kHz from CD and Bluetooth Sources
• Built-in FM or DAB/FM tuner (CR-H101DAB) supports RDS
• HR Loudness DSP circuit delivers superb high and low frequencies
• Versatile Clock/Timer Functions include ON/OFF Timer
• Free Hi-res Audio playback software for PC/Mac
• Available in black or silver

The design brief was simple… use state of the art technologies to create a single, great-sounding micro component that can handle all the hi-res audio sources that a typical music lover might use. And then wrap it up in a highly rigid, all-aluminium alloy ‘jacket’ that will guarantee robustness, not to mention pride of ownership.

Hi-res streaming via USB is now a hugely popular way of listening to music so it’s fully accommodated here. Whether it’s via a PC, Mac or mobile device (additional cables required), the CR-H101 will happily handle music of up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution. There are hi-res HR Audio Player apps for PC and Mac available for free download on TEAC’s website.

For users who would rather stream wirelessly TEAC has provided a high quality Bluetooth aptX receiver that will make the very most of audio content from suitably equipped computers and mobile devices.

Given the receiver’s hi-res credentials, TEAC wanted to ensure that there was no compromise when it came to converting digital signals to analogue. To guarantee that, it simply took the highly regarded Digital To Analogue converter that it uses in its costlier, high-end UD-501 DAC (Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC) and dropped it straight into the CR-H101. Problem solved…

As popular as hi-res formats are becoming, many people still have a pretty substantial collection of CDs so there’s also a slot-loading CD player, capable of handling MP3/WMA files on CD-R/RW discs.

To make the above-mentioned sources sound even better the CR-H101 has a built-in signal up-conversion facility, one that oversamples CD/USB/Bluetooth digital audio signals with a sampling frequency of 96kHz or less to 192kHz. In addition, the use of separate clocks for 44.1kHz and 48kHz signals keep unwanted digital jitter (which corrupts audio quality) to an absolute minimum.

Radio still plays a big part in our lives so the CR-H101 features a RDS FM tuner with 20 presets (there is also a DAB/FM variant – the CR-H101DAB – which offers an additional 10 DAB-only presets). Conveniently, there’s fully integrated clock/timer functionality so the CD and FM sections can be turned on (or off) at set times, ideal if the system is to be located in a bedroom.

Whatever source you choose to listen to, it’s possible to sonically enhance it with TEAC’s HR Loudness circuit. This is a clever DSP circuit that works directly on digital sources to deliver more impactful low and high frequencies when listening at low/medium volume levels. What’s more, the system can also do its magic with analogue signals (such as those from the tuner or external sources) by digitising them as 24-bit/96kHz signals before passing them through the HR Loudness circuit.

In order to get all these signals creating music via the loudspeakers, TEAC has incorporated a highly energy-efficient Class-D amplifier (ideally suited to reproducing high-res audio) which delivers an excellent 2 x 20w of power (with a subwoofer output option for future expansion).

Last but not least, to ensure an ultra-rigid, vibration-free enclosure, the CR-H101 employs an impressive full-metal aluminium alloy body, using 3mm thick panels for the top and sides and a 5mm thick front panel. The top cover even features a pair of grilles reminiscent of those that often adorn high-end power amplifiers. Precision-cut ‘cool-touch’ aluminium knobs and ‘faux’ rack handles finish off the classy aesthetic.

LS-101HR Speakers
To complement the CR-H101 TEAC has also created a pair of matching compact speakers that can do its hi-res playback ambitions full justice.

A two-way, bass-reflex design, the LS-101HR employs advanced drive unit engineering. The all-new 20mm PEI (Polyetherimide) balanced dome tweeter, designed to deliver signals up to 40kHz, excels at recreating the sense of ‘air’ associated with high-res signals. To ensure wide dispersion characteristics a diffuser is added in front of the tweeter dome, ensuring a natural sounding balance even if listening at close-range.

Bass and midrange frequencies are taken care of by a stiff, low-mass 70mm paper woofer. This has been equipped with a flexible rubber surround and a 70mm magnet to maximize low frequency performance.

Both drive units are contained within a strong MDF enclosure that’s finished off in high quality natural wood veneers.


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