TEAC strengthens its grip on desktop audio with Reference 301 series

Press Release dated: 5 Jun 2014

More people than ever are listening to their music via their desktop computers, TVs and smartphones. TEAC's new range of elegant mini hi-fi components – easily accommodated at just 215mm wide and 61mm high - is designed to tap into that audio zeitgeist.
Composed of two components plus a pair of loudspeakers at launch, the TEAC Reference 301 series is as follows:
AI-301DA      Pre-main Amplifier fitted with aptX® Bluetooth®, USB and a                Digital-to-analogue Converter.
Key Features

  • A compact (215mm width) pre-main amplifier with USB input and built-in digital audio converter
  • Compatible with 2.8MHz/5.6MHz DSD native playback and 32bit/192kHz high-resolution sound sources
  • High sound quality wireless playback compatible with the Bluetooth® aptX® codec
  • Built-in BurrBrown PCM1795 digital-to-analog converter, compatible with a variety of digital sources
  • Fitted with 40W + 40W Class-D power amplifier module manufactured by ICEpower
  • Full metal housing provides both excellent vibration control and classy looks, in a compact enclosure, making it easy to accomodate on a desktop 
Offering a healthy 2 x 40w of power the AI-301DA amplifier's built-in digital to analogue converter happily copes with audiophile DSD files as well as PCM audio files up to 32bit/192kHz (via USB). Coaxial and optical digital inputs give extra flexibility when it comes to connectivity.
And with aptX® Bluetooth® onboard the AI-301DA promises the very best wirelessly transmitted sound quality currently possible from your smartphone (up to eight devices can be paired).
Those who want to listen to headphones, meanwhile, will appreciate TEAC's CCLC (Coupling Capacitor-less Circuit) technology. This does away with capacitors for output stage coupling, giving a significant and audible boost to sound quality.
Also worthy of note is that AI-301DA has a very clever auto-on facility. It instantly wakes the amplifier up when it senses an incoming digital signal, particularly useful if, say, the AI-301DA is connected to the digital optical output of a TV.
UD-301         Dual Mono, DSD-capable 32bit/192kHz Digital to Analogue                   converter
Key Features
  • A compact (215mm width) digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) with USB input, asynchronous transmission mode capability and 192kHz up-conversion option
  • Compatible with 2.8MHz/5.6MHz DSD native playback and 32bit/192kHz high-resolution sound sources
  • Dual monaural design eliminates interference between the left and right channels. Built around twin BurrBrown PCM1795 DAC chips and MUSE op-amps
  • Toroidal core power transformer
  • The USB DAC can be directly connected to a power amplifier or active speaker and the output level (XLR balanced, RCA) can be set to fixed, adjustable or off.    
  • Full metal housing provides both excellent vibration control and a classy look, in a compact size allowing convenient desktop positioning
Offering a significant step up in sound quality over the DAC stage built into the AI-301DA the standalone UD-301 DAC will appeal especially to users who prefer to hear their audio via a separate integrated/power amplifier, active loudspeakers, or who want a fundamentally higher standard of replay via headphones.
The dual mono DAC chip configuration keeps the decoding of the left and right stereo channels wholly separate in order to minimise any possibility of interference. As you'd expect the UD-301 happily handles both DSD and 32bit/192kHz audio files (via USB). 
Naturally, the provision of XLR balanced outputs (as well as standard RCA) makes the UD-301 a much more versatile device when it comes to connectivity with other hi-fi (including professional) audio components.
LS-301           Two-way Co-axial Loudspeaker system
  • A compact, two-way coaxial loudspeaker that has been developed using 'trickledown' technology from the flagship S-300NEO
  • Both the 10cm woofer and 2cm silk-coated tweeter use an Air Direct Center Pole System
  • Capable of reproducing high frequencies up to 40kHz, ideal for listening to high-resolution audio
  • Rear bass reflex port
  • The perfect loudspeaker partner for the Reference 301 series, creates a high-resolution soundstage yet is compact enough to sit on a desktop
Designed to partner the AI-301DA amplifier, the LS-301 is a passive loudspeaker design with a difference… it uses co-axial driver technology, rather than conventional separately positioned drive units.
By locating the drivers co-axially (ie, with the treble in front of the woofer, on the same axis) the LS-301 delivers a superb sense of sonic cohesiveness, with music appearing to originate from a single point source. This is especially important given that these speakers are likely to be placed on a desktop, in very close proximity to the listener, a location where regular two-way speakers would be unlikely to fare nearly as well.
To give a better bass response the woofer has been given a special resin coating, along with an efficient Air Direct Center Pole system, to disperse heat. The high-quality crossover network, meanwhile, is carefully located so that it's not affected by the magnetic fields generated by the tweeter coil.
Finally, diamond-cut trim rings give a touch of visual elegance and consumers can choose between smart black or cherry-wood finishes, according to taste.


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