TEAC unveils new CD player, with added radio appeal

Press Release dated: 2 Jun 2016

Displaying the innovative thinking that has helped it become one of the world’s leading hi-fi manufacturers, TEAC has launched a compact disc player with a built-in DAB/RDS FM* tuner.

PD-301 – Key Features
•    Precision slot-in CD drive mechanism with quick-loading and automatic playback
•    Supports CD-DA, MP3 and WMA files on CD-ROM/R/RW discs
•    Front USB Port for WAV, AAC, MP3 and WMA playback
•    Built-in tuner supports DAB/RDS FM* broadcasts
•    All-aluminum enclosure adds both vibration resistance and style
•    Just 215mm wide and 61mm high, easy to accomodate

One of the most compact CD players available (it measures just 215 x 61 x 232mm), the PD-301 is the latest addition to the successful Reference 301 series of hi-fi components. A perfect partner for the AI-301DA amplifier, the player features a quick-loading slot-in drive that will also decode home-made discs encoded with MP3 and WMA content.

For those who also want to play back WAV or AAC files there’s a convenient USB slot on the front panel for thumb drives. If your stored songs are accompanied by ID3 tags the song and artists names are shown on the player’s own display (MP3, WMA and AAC files only).

Naturally, the PD-301 features an excellent built-in digital-to-audio decoder (the Burr-Brown PCM5142, to be exact) but it also sports coaxial and digital outputs if, at a later stage, you decide you want to use the player as a digital transport partnered by an external DAC (the UD-301 has built-in 192kHz up-conversion).

As mentioned, one of this player’s headline features is that it boasts a DAB/RDS FM tuner*, complete with 20 presets, ideal if you need to add radio listening to your hi-fi system but don’t want to invest in a separate tuner.

Ingeniously, the PD-301’s tuner section also offers upgrading potential. DAB/RDS FM signals received by the unit can be sent as digital signals (using the optical/coaxial outputs) from the player to an external DAC (44.1kHz/16-bit resolution) if you want to enjoy even higher performance in the future.

Factor in an impeccable standard of construction, using solid, weighty all-aluminium alloy construction, and you have an excellent add-on option, both for AI-301DA owners and anybody looking for an elegant way of adding CD and/or DAB/RDS FM* playback to their hi-fi system.

*DAB/RDS FM or RDS FM versions of the PD-301 available, according to market requirements.


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