Technical Details


New Fast Reading CD Drive
The CD-P1260MKII employs a new CD Drive that supports High-speed Data Reading, much faster than is achieved by conventional ESP (Electric Shock-proof) CD Drives.

Center-mounted Mechanism
The CD drive is positioned at the center of the unit which gives perfect weight distribution while minimizing vibration and resonance during playback.

MP3/WMA Playback
The CD-P1260MKII supports both MP3 and WMA files recorded to CD-R/RW discs, displaying data such as artist, album, and track names. It is also capable of playing back discs containing music organized in folders. Search mode makes it easier to find and select a track on discs containing numerous tracks (supports alphanumeric characters only.)

Various Playback Modes
Program playback (up to 64 tracks), shuffle playback, repeat playback (single/all/programmed tracks/A-B repeat) and intro playback (plays back the first 10 seconds of each track) are all supported.

Current Product: CD-P1260MKII

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