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CD Receiver with MP3 Recording Function

CD Receiver for Music Lovers

This attractive, line-up addition appears in a "pure HiFi" design which leaves nothing to be desired. Available in silver or black finish, the stable front and side panels of this only 29 cm wide model are made from brushed aluminum. Softly rounded front edges give the model a modern touch.
The use of high quality, selected audio components provide the foundation for crystal clear sound reproduction regardless which source has been selected. The built-in CD-drive mechanism plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA-Discs and has such typical features as shuffle play, repeat and program functions. The AM/FM RDS tuner section also has many memory presets.
TEAC's system allows recording from all sources directly to a USB compatible memory storage device in MP3 format. Both encoding and decoding MP3 files, the CR-H500 does it all. An unusual feature has been added: Connect a popular iPod directly to the unit's USB port using the special digital cable provided with the iPod®. Transfer the music in its digital format directly to the high quality, digital-to-analog converter in the CR-H500 and process the music error and distortion free to the amplifier stage. The amplifier section provides up to 2 x 40 Watts of continuous power — more than enough to drive a large variety of loudspeakers. The provided system remote control unit will also operate the connected iPod®. Perfect for the bedroom, the CR-H500 has wake-up and sleep timer functions. The blue, LCD display intensity can be dimmed accordingly.

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