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CD Radio with Integrated USB Recording Functionality

Nostalgic CD-Radio with State-of-the-Art Technology

TEAC has redesigned its nostalgic style top seller, and with the SL-D920 a CD radio comes to the market which offers in addition to its well known functionality – CD, AM/FM, AUX – now also USB recording. Just connect a MP3 player to the USB port on the front panel and record any radio program. There is even more. One can also record the top most favorite songs to a little mobile player from CDs that were played out of the top loader compartment. Of course, these recordings can be enjoyed with the bass booster system of the SL-D920. If the MP3 player is connected to the CD radio music sounds as it would be played on a true little HiFi system. Furthermore, the dimmable display of the radio shows in USB mode the title of the song and the name of the performing artist. A headphone connector and a snooze / wake up function make it premium choice for your bedroom. This multi-purpose unit is available in red, black, white and silver – accompanied with a complementary colored remote control unit.

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