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An ideal partner for coaxial speakers which provides brilliant acoustic focus
The TA-STD300 is the ideal partnering wooden speaker stand for TEAC’s ‘traditional’ coaxial speakers, the S-300HR and the S-300NEO.

High-density MDF material enhances acoustic character of the speakers
The stands are built from the same high-density MDF used in the the S-300HR and the S-300NEO, to optimize the loudspeakers’ natural acoustic character by adding just the right level of vibration suppression and sound absorbency.

Luxurious wood veneer with multi-layered gloss finish
The same finishing process used for the S-300HR and the S-300NEO is here applied for the base plate. The multi-layered gloss finishes (pick from cherry or piano black) match and complement the corresponding speakers.

3-point contact for secure speaker mounting
The three screw inserts on the bottom of the S-300HR and the S-300NEO – originally designed to take spikes – are used here as speaker mounting points, ensuring a crisp and high resolution sound.

Ready for third-party spikes or insulators/feet
To ensure maximum versatility in all listening rooms, auxiliary screw inserts (M8-size) on the underside of the base plate provide a way of further tuning sound quality via third-party spikes or insulators/feet.

Create a 2.1ch or 2.2ch system with the SW-P300
By adding the SW-P300* – an active subwoofer designed for Hi-Fi use – users can create a fantastic 2.1ch or 2.2ch speaker system. Combining the brilliant acoustic focus of bookshelf-type coaxial 2-way speakers with a hi-fi optimized subwoofer (or two!) delivers a massive, room-filling sound with outstanding sonic precision.

Current Product: TA-STD300

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