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Features at-a-glance

  • Anti-static WASHI paper for easy dust removal
  • Unique watermark pattern of fiber on “Un-Ryu Shi”
  • Moderate-weighted Stone-paper for core material
  • Reversible design to match atmosphere of the room
  • Type:     Full-size Turntable Sheet, Reversible
  • Core Material:     Stone Paper (80% calcium carbonate, 20% polyethylene)
  • Surface Material:     WASHI (Un-Ryu Shi)
  • Overall Dimensions:     300mm / 11.8” diameter, 1mm / 0.04” thickness
  • Weight:     approx. 44 g / 1.6 oz.
  • Compatible Products:     TN-570, TN-550, TN-300, TN-200, TN-100

Reversible design, according to the atmosphere
"Un-Ryū Shi" which is characterized by beautiful watermark of the fiber, has been made for centuries at the foot of the SHIKOKU Mountains where fine quality Mulberry trees are produced. The TA-TS30UN employs the "Un-Ryu Shi" on both sides of the Stone-paper – one side is white, and another side is light gray, – gives different aspects on the platter of the turntable.
(Notice: Although colors are different on front and back sides, audio performance is equal.)
Durable Anti-warpage Stone-paper for Core Material
Anti-warpage or planarity is another essential issue for a turntable sheet to keep the stylus pressure equal. In order to satisfy this condition that is not done only by WASHI paper, the TA-TS30UN employs synthetic paper "Stone-paper" made from 80% of calcium carbonate and 20% of high-density polyethylene for core material. The Stone-paper has higher specific weight – compare to conventional paper made from pulp, – which means it gives moderate weight for a thin turntable sheet, and it even keeps planarity under high humidity conditions.

Current Product: TA-TS30UN

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