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2 speed Analog Turntable with Phono EQ and Bluetooth

A wireless turntable for new way of enjoying vinyl records

The TN-280BT is not only a great sounding turntable for music enthusiastic who wants to enjoy vinyl record from closet or re issues. It brings you a totally new way of listening to vinyl records with its B luetooth capability. No extra cost for hi fi components or complicated wiring is required. Only Bluetooth speakers or headphones you might have for iPhones are required to enjoy the world of vinyl records

The TN-280BT also accommodates a built in Phono EQ amplifier that provides Line output, and allows you to connect to almost any sound system regardless type of inputs.

The belt drive motor on the TN-280BT reduces vibration for sweeter, more accurate sound than direct drive turntables for DJ, while an al uminum die cast platter and anti skating system provide a solid foundation for great sounding playback. The high performance,

upgradable VM, equivalent to MM cartridge , by audio technica captures every detail on your record, and the static balanced straigh t tone arm ensures clear sound. It’s all housed in a handsome case in black or walnut veneer.

For music enthusiasts who want to hear every sensuous note of their vinyl collection

Main Features

  • 2 speed Belt drive turntable
  • Built in Bluetooth transmitter
  • Built in MM phono equalizer and Phono , Line, and Bluetooth outputs
  • MM cartridge AT3600L by audio technica included
  • Aluminum die cast platter
  • Anti skating mechanism
  • High density MDF cabinet for better vibration and resonance

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