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Analog Turntable

High-grade turntable that combines style with excellent specifications Including a dual material chassis and “P.R.S3”.

The TN-570 is a model designed with the concept of combining high style with excellent basic functionality as an analog turntable. This turntable will allow everyone to appreciate the goodness of analog audio, from those who have loved it for a long time to entry-level users who have just begun to have a real interest. The cabinet combines artificial marble with high-density MDF in a two-layer sandwich structure (dual material chassis).

In addition to assuring a high feedback margin, this design realizes clear sound by abating the inherent resonant frequencies of different materials by combining them. The drive method used combines a belt drive with an automatic rotation adjustment mechanism (PRS3) designed by TEAC. Changes in the platter rotation are detected by a sensor and used as feedback for the motor rotation. This allows high rotation precision that can compete with heavyweight-class belt drive and direct drive systems, while allowing a slim and stylish platter to be used.

With a Phono EQ (MM type) and an A/D converter built-in, the optical digital connector that can output digital audio signals with high resolutions up to 192kHz/24-bit is another major feature. With this turntable, we provide new hybrid ways to enjoy listening to analog audio sources using both analog and digital audio technologies. Possibilities include experiencing how audio qualities differ according to the connected D/A converter and recording music as files on a computer. No compromises, however, have been made in the design of the fundamental performance of the analog components. For example, electronic circuits have been shielded, and the small impact of the noise that they generate on phono signals has been thoroughly minimized.
*48kHz/16-bit is the maximum for USB output.

Main functions

  • 45 and 33-1/3 rpm 2-speed Cogging-free Belt Drive Turntable
  • “P.R.S3” Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System for Precise Rotate Speed
  • Sleek Resonance-free Multi Material Compound by Marble Stone and High-density MDF
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Platter with Perimeter Belt Drive
  • Anti-skating Adjustment, Weight Control and height Adjustable Feet
  • PHONO/Line Outputs with PHONO EQ Amplifier (TN-570)
  • Digital Output up to 24-bit/192kHz via Optical, or 16-bit/48kHz via USB (TN-570 only)





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